The 20 Hour Method

In this guide you will find all the steps to apply the 20 hour method that was posted on r/nosurf to set obligatory daily time limits for apps on your iPhone or iPad.

Video Tutorial

Text Guide

Step 1

In your iPhone, go to Settings Screen Time App Limits.

Click on "Add Limit".

From there you can select the apps you want to set a daily time limit for as long or as little as you want. You can select apps individually or by groups.

Optionally you can also set a "Downtime" in which all apps will be blocked during certain hours except the ones you choose to always allow.

Step 2

Once you are satisfied with the app limits you set, we can proceed. In this website go to "Home", by clicking on the menu or by clicking on the Bird Logo. Make sure you Log In into your account or Sign Up. You must have an account so all passcodes can be filtered to the correct person as well as providing you a way of recovering forgotten passcodes.

Here you will find a Menu with 3 buttons. We recommend only clicking on the "Generate new passcode" button when necessary to avoid confusion in the future with your generated codes, as they all automatically save on your account once you click that button.

Once you are ready, click on the "Generate new passcode" button. You will see a new 4 digit code appear on the top with blue letters. Go back to Screen Time on your iPhone and click on "Turn On Screen Time Passcode", here put the new code you got from the website, and confirm.

Now go back to the "App Limits" section, click on the apps you want to block with a passcode and make sure you toggle the option that says "Block App". You may need to enter the passcode again.

Step 3

Now you are almost done, go back to the "Home" section of this website. Make sure you have everything set up on your Screen Time, because now its time to forget and you will not get the passcode back until 20 hours later. Now go ahead and click on the green "Play Forghetti Game" button. This game is designed to make you forget the code you just entered in Screen Time, and its considered a hard memory game.

Click on the Play button. You will have 8 seconds to read and memorize the code shown in bold font.

When the 8 seconds are over you still need to hold the number on your head for an extra 7 seconds before you can type it in.

Once you type it in, click on the Check button. You will get an alert telling you wether you got it correct or wrong.

Keep playing for as long as you want!

You are all set!

You can come back at a minimum of 20 hours later to get your code back by clicking on the red "Get last passcode" button. Or by going into Menu Account where you can see all your history of passcodes.