ScreenTime Passcodes


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No more excuses to spend all day looking at your iPhone screen. Be more productive, self-disciplined and finish the goals you want by using this technique.

 How it works?

This is a really simple method which requires you to set daily app time limits on your iPhone that are then blocked with passcodes created in this website, you will not be able to get the passcode until 20 hours later so you are forced to follow the time limits you set on yourself. This method works together with ScreenTime which is already included in your iPhone. For more detailed information we have this guide.

Video Tutorial

 Personal Testimony

Hello, I am the developer of this website, I always knew my phone was taking too much time to become the person I wanted. I wanted to learn more about programming, spend more time at the gym, read more books every year. But as harmless as the phone may look, it makes all those tasks really hard, the phone is a 24/7 dopamine rush in your brain that makes life look a little more stressful and boring when in reality is just that we are too attached to it. I would say its an addiction.
So I spent a lot of time trying to find a way to stop using it, it was really hard because its also the way to keep communicated with relatives and friends. I then learned about the already included ScreenTime app on the iPhone which was perfect, except its really easy to ignore. So I came up with this idea to generate random passcodes for it, then playing a little memory game for a minute or two, and that was it, that was the solution, I was now forced to follow the app limits I set on my phone.
I now dedicate so little time to the phone, I live an active real life, I set real goals that are easier to follow because there are so many less distractions. I feel free and able to accomplish way more. I hope you can get the same results as I did from this free website. Shout out to all the people from the subreddit r/nosurf! Thank you.

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